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Improving Accessibility

The Mornington Peninsula faces significant transport infrastructure challenges. Our region has the lowest access to public transport facilities within Metropolitan Melbourne. These accessibility issues impact our community by inhibiting access to educational services, jobs and visitor connections to the region.


  • Advocate for improved public transport options, including the possibility of light rail, on the Mornington Peninsula so that locals can catch a bus or a train to work or school in a timely manner.
  • Support the staged electrification and duplication of the existing rail line from Frankston to Baxter as the first stage. Also advocating for a commuter park and ride and transit interchange at Baxter Station, connecting to a Mornington Peninsula bus network with improved route efficiencies and frequencies. Support freight rail connections from the Stony Point Line to the Cranbourne Line. Support subsequent train line extensions from Baxter to Hastings and Baxter to Mornington.
  • Support the Peninsula Trail network to make the Mornington Peninsula home to a world class walking and cycling trail. Working with Rotary and Local Government, the Committee will advocate for more than $60 million in funding to complete missing links - resulting in a $111 million economic benefit and better connectivity and accessibility for residents and visitors. 
  • Seek government action to improve mobile reception and NBN coverage to enable effective local business operations and facilitate studying and working from home.
  • Urge a re-examination of Victorian Government policy. A better policy is necessary to support the considered development of the Port of Hastings to reduce the potential environmental impacts; improve local and state-wide trading options; create local jobs and stimulate regional investment.
  • Pursue infrastructure development to enable Class A recycled water to be affordably available to support the region's agricultural production.