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How do we ensure Mornington Peninsula thrives?

The Committee for Mornington Peninsula has commissioned a study along with Australian Unity to identify the social and economic implications associated with the Mornington Peninsula’s current designation, and whether a regional designation would derive a net benefit for the local community and economy.

Although the Mornington Peninsula has technically been considered part of Greater Melbourne for over 30 years, the Peninsula has special character and importance with a role that is distinct from and complementary to metropolitan Melbourne and designated growth areas.

Despite the Mornington Peninsula’s metropolitan designation, the municipality possesses a number of regional characteristics. This misalignment has resulted in growing community concern regarding the economic and social disadvantages experienced on the Mornington Peninsula due to the current designation, which has reached high levels during the pandemic.

When benchmarked against regional Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula appears to share more similarity to regional Victoria, particularly with respect to its demographic and socio-economic profile.

The report assesses a range of key impact areas, as summarised below.

Key Impact Areas

The Economic Disadvantage Report covers 7 key impact areas in detail.


Feb 21

Contextual Information

Feb 28

Taxation & Charges

Mar 14

Economic Development

Apr 11

Transport & Infrastructure

Apr 25

Health & Education

May 9

Culture, Community & Recreation

May 23 Regulations & Planning
June 6 Summary

Key Impact Areas

Taxation & Charges Taxation & Charges

Economic Development Economic Development

Transport & Infrastructure Transport & Infrastructure

Health & Education Health & Education

Culture, Community & Recreation Culture, Community & Recreation

Regulations & Planning Regulations & Planning