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Why you should join the Committee for Frankston & Mornington Peninsula
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As a member of the Committee for Frankston & Mornington Peninsula (CFMP) you will join a visionary, strategic and forward-looking organisation, with an enduring commitment to the region, formed to ensure that all levels of government, policy formulators and decision makers have a clear understanding of the specific and often special needs of our region.

The CFMP will establish itself as a respected and authoritative advocate with direct access to key policy and decision makers with the power to influence the Peninsula’s future. We believe that the time is right to establish the CFMP, to overcome the often fragmented voice and limited perspectives when major decisions or policy frameworks are put in place that impact the Peninsula.

The Committee for Geelong and Ballarat are models where the business and not for profit communities have come together with success. Importantly these organisations seek to develop positive relationships with all levels of government, working on the development of construction and progressive advocacy positions.

The CFMP exists to provide the strategic leadership needed to ensure that all levels of government leverage the potential for our region and to ensure that it’s a safe, prosperous and progressive place to live. The organisation will be one focused on thought leadership, encouraging innovation and debate around opportunities facing Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula.

Thinking Ahead

Our approach is to be future focused and research and evidence based to ensure our work is strongly directed at driving, developing and safeguarding the future prosperity and sustainability of the region. Our projects will target areas where we can see major future benefit. Unashamedly, we believe sustainable economic prosperity and long-term transformational government investment in key initiatives, consistent with sound environmental considerations, is the driver of the lifestyle we all wish to continue enjoying in this great region.


As an independent, membership-based organisation we work collaboratively with stakeholders, opinion leaders, influencers and policy makers to support our region's development. Proactive involvement in the region's strategic projects and discussions will ensure our members have a strong voice and influence over development directions.


It is our intent to have a membership base of local, national and international organisations and individuals who set aside commercial gain, sectoral interests and personal perspectives to provide a united voice on the issues facing the Mornington Peninsula.

The CfMP will capture the collective insight vital to planning for a sustainable and prosperous future. Members can tap into the collective business and strategic insight of fellow members at closed forums. As a key investment in the future, we also foster new generations of leaders through our programs.