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How do we ensure Mornington Peninsula thrives?

The Committee for Mornington Peninsula has commissioned a study along with Australian Unity to identify the social and economic implications associated with the Mornington Peninsula’s current designation, and whether a regional designation would derive a net benefit for the local community and economy.

Given the unique landscape of the Peninsula and the strong protections provided by the Green Wedge Zone (GWZ), the Committee for Mornington Peninsula sought senior legal counsel from Stuart Morris QC and Joanne Lardner to determine whether all protections for the Mornington Peninsula Green Wedge Zone could be maintained under Victorian law, should the Mornington Peninsula be reclassified to become part of regional Victoria. The legal opinion concludes that it is possible to retain the existing protection afforded to green wedge land under a Regional designation.

Download the Economic Disadvantage Report and QC Legal Opinion on our Green Wedge Zone.

Stuart Morris QC is a leader in planning and environment law, with over 35 years experience.  He took silk in 1991.  Between April 2003 and May 2007 Stuart was a Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria.  During most of this period he was also President of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.
During the last four years Stuart has appeared in major planning inquiries and cases; and he has given legal advice on a wide variety of planning matters.

Stuart R Morris QC


Joanne's expertise and interest is in environmental and planning law. She appears regularly before the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, Planning Panels Victoria and the Supreme Court of Victoria. Joanne is the legal editor of Victorian Planning Reports and a co-author of VCAT Decisions in Planning News. Joanne is a member of the Victorian Bar’s Climate Change and Environmental Law Panel, the Victorian Planning and Environmental Law Association and the Law Institute of Victoria’s Planning and Local Government Committee.

Joanne Lardner