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Land for Livelihoods

It is uncontested that there is a scarcity of developable industrial land on the Mornington Peninsula and that this is impeding investment, economic and employment opportunities.  

The Port of Hastings Development Strategy (2019) identified about 400 hectares of the 3,500 hectares of currently zoned Port-Related Special Use industrial land as surplus to their requirements. It has been set aside for Port-dependent uses, which are in excess of any conceivable Port requirement.

We envisage an inspiring and much-needed pathway to sustainable jobs growth and economic opportunity pursued environmentally consciously, utilising the currently zoned Port-Related Special Use industrial land by repurposing it to support sectors where our region has a considerable competitive advantage.

Several long-standing impediments remain to agritourism and hospitality businesses in the Mornington Peninsula Green Wedge, particularly concerning compliance action on legitimate business activities. However, the Committee believes that local government, working in conjunction with state government and local businesses, can ensure a protected Mornington Peninsula Green Wedge while supporting a thriving world-class local production and hospitality business community.


  • Encourage resourceful uses of currently zoned industrial and commercial land to maximise planning efficiencies;
  • Advocate for surplus port-related industrial land to be made available for broader high amenity industrial and commercial uses to support local industry, encourage investment and create local jobs;
  • Seek clarity around land uses in the Green Wedge for local farmers, tourism and hospitality operators to run profitable businesses to stimulate the local economy, create jobs and maintain the integrity of the Mornington Peninsula as a world-class tourism destination and productive region whilst conserving our natural environment;
  • Encourage greater certainty and predictability around the land-use planning approvals process to encourage investment; and
  • Work with Council to identify and proactively support job-creating investment opportunities in our municipality.