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Homes & Livelihoods


  • More than 40% of renters are in rental stress.
  • Significant shortage of social and affordable housing.
  • Little accommodation for workforce across industries.
  • Our region is ranked the fourth worst in the State for rates of homelessness – including for those sleeping rough.


To encourage more diverse housing options and better use of land to deliver more homes for residents and our workforce.

Key Actions:

  1. Advocate for continued private and public investment for diverse housing across the region.
  2. Advocate for appropriate surplus port-related land to be rezoned residential and increase housing supply close to major roads and public transport.
  3. Support supply for key worker housing in our region that assists industry in finding accommodation for their staff. 
  4. Advocate for greater support from Government to ensure our region receives our fair share and is eligible for funding that reflects our region’s challenges
  5. Advocate for a reduction in regulation and planning barriers which prevent appropriate developments increasing housing supply; including reductions in land tax, government levies, and unnecessary planning restrictions or delays.