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A Thriving Local Economy & World Class Destination


  • Businesses in our region pay more – including $150m more in payroll tax and 50% more in stamp duty compared to comparable regions of Victoria.
  • Business is ineligible for many funding opportunities due to our metropolitan designation – there’s no nuance from government or recognition of our unique challenges.


Leverage the Peninsula’s status as a world-class destination to foster economic growth through fairer government funding and incentives.


  • Advocate for the region to receive equitable taxing arrangements which reflect the unique characteristics of our region and which are in place across regional Victoria.
    • This includes a ‘regional’ payroll tax rate within the Mornington Peninsula Shire LGA to encourage economic growth and create local jobs. 
  • Advocate to all levels of government to provide incentives for businesses who seek to offer accommodation for staff, given the complex and continued accommodation crisis in our region.
  • Call for the realignment of the Department of Immigration’s regional designation to allow the Mornington Peninsula LGA to be considered regional for the purposes of migrant and working holiday visas.
  • Advocate for a flagship regional conference and exhibition centre with accommodation facilities, which would attract nationally significant events, conferences and exhibitions worthy of a major regional centre.
  • Seek funding from Federal and State Governments that support the Arts and Cultural destinations within our region.
  • Partner with the Regional Tourism Board and local government to elevate the profile of the region and attract greater economic investment.
    • This includes advocating for increased visitor accommodation and attracting major hotel chains to activity centres, including Frankston.