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Morning Tea with Liberal Nationals Shadow Cabinet

Posted by | August 5, 2019

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Morning Tea with Liberal Nationals Shadow Cabinet

In recognition of the importance of the Committee for Mornington Peninsula's agenda and credibility of our message, the Victorian Shadow Cabinet has invited the C4MP to be one of two Peninsula organisations to present to the Victorian Liberal Nationals leadership and shadow Ministers this coming Monday, 29 July.

We welcome this opportunity as an example of the non-partisan government and parliamentary engagement essential to ensuring that our region's opportunities and challenges are our before key decision and policy makers and opinion-leaders.  A key objective of the C4MP is to secure greater prominence for the Mornington Peninsula and our agenda of specific initiatives that will support durable jobs growth and sustainable economic activity.

In addition, through the work of local Upper House MP, the Hon Edward O'Donohue MLC, the C4MP has been afforded the opportunity to invite our Members to attend the community morning tea that follows the Shadow Cabinet meeting.

Attached is the invitation shared with us to on-forward to you.  Please advise the event organisers if you are intending to attend.  It is a valuable opportunity to have you views and insight heard, mindful of my mantra 'The world is run by people who turn up'.

 We are hopeful that a similar opportunity can be arrange with Government Ministers in the near future.