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Committee welcomes Frankston foreshore progress

The Committee for Frankston & Mornington Peninsula welcomes the decision of the Minister for Planning to authorise and progress Frankston City Council's Metropolitan Activity Centre Structure Plan (FMAC). 

The FMAC will guide development across the entire City of Frankston and encourage density living in parts of Frankston, including along Kananook Creek. The Minister's decision sends a clear message to developers that Frankston is open for business, investment and appropriate development.

Last month's Housing Statement released by the Victorian Government emphasises higher density living in activity centres, including the City of Frankston, to deal with the state's housing crisis. Housing and accommodation issues rank among the biggest concerns for residents and businesses in our region, and advocating to all levels of government to help address that is a key pillar of the Committee.

The Committee joins with the City of Frankston Mayor, Cr Nathan Conroy, in welcoming this decision as it will provide clear guidance on future developments in Frankston which will protect the city's character, drive economic growth and deliver vital housing projects.

The Committee welcomes Minister Kilkenny's statement:
“The Minister for Planning has authorised Frankston City Council to go to public consultation on new planning and development controls to implement the Frankston Metropolitan Activity Centre Structure Plan, ensuring the Frankston foreshore and Kananook Creek provides a place for all Victorians to visit and enjoy.”

Quotes attributable to CEO Committee for Frankston & Mornington Peninsula, Josh Sinclair:

"The FMAC Structure Plan will encourage further development in Frankston's CBD and open up Kananook Creek to the community for everyone."

"Frankston City Council, the Committee and the Victorian Government all agree Frankston is a great place to invest and develop - and we're really excited about the future of this great city."

Quotes attributable to Committee for Frankston & Mornington Peninsula Board Member, Trudy Poole:

"The authorisation of the Frankston Metropolitan Activity Structure Plan (FMAC) by Planning Minister Sonya Kilkenny is indeed a pivotal moment for the city."

"This plan is poised to bring about a transformation that will benefit residents, businesses, and investors, revitalising Frankston and making it an attractive destination."

"This momentous day in Frankston City demonstrates the power of community engagement and collaboration with local authorities to bring about positive change and create a city that the residents can be proud of. It's a significant step towards the transformation and recognition that Frankston deserves."