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Decades ahead require bold thinking

It’s important we take a moment to reflect on how lucky we are to call Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula our home. As the warmer months return, so will the visitors – and some of them will enjoy their trips so much they’ll chose to make the Peninsula home.

When I do reflect on how good things are here, I can’t help but notice the potential of our region and what we can still achieve with significant government support and investment.

By 2036, the population of our region will grow to 366,000. That means we’ll need more jobs, affordable housing, and better services.

Government investment will be vital to improve infrastructure and connectivity between activity centres and health and education precincts. This sort of investment will increase the economic output of our region, improve health and wellbeing outcomes of residents, and keep tertiary students on the Peninsula.

Earlier this year, the Victorian Government announced that Western Port will play a central role in our nations’ clean energy future.

The Victorian Renewable Energy Terminal (VRET) in Hastings will transform the way Government engages with our region, and we must make the most of this one in a generation opportunity.

Having been blessed with a naturally deep-water port and close proximity to the south east workforce – we need Government to improve roads and rail infrastructure, local education and training opportunities, and incentivise businesses to set up operations in Western Port.

The announcement of the VRET at the Port of Hastings upset other parts of Victoria who had been lobbying hard for the terminal. Gippsland wanted to assemble offshore wind components and Geelong wants to train future Hydrogen workers.

Why not us?

Bold thinking, planning and significant investment can help shape Frankston and Mornington Peninsula for the next 20 to 30 years – and with that, we can reach our potential. 


 First published in Mornington Peninsula Magazine, October 2023.