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Media Statement

Farewell to the Hon Bruce Billson from the Committee for Mornington Peninsula

11 March 2021

The Committee for Mornington Peninsula congratulates the Hon Bruce Billson on his appointment as Australia’s Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman.

The Committee has accepted Mr Billson’s resignation from the Committee for Mornington Peninsula and acknowledges its necessity to enable him to assume his new national responsibilities.

The Committee is grateful to Mr Billson for his important contribution over the past two years to position the Committee as an enduring and independent voice for the Mornington Peninsula.

Mr Billson was instrumental in the formation of the Committee in 2019, lending his long-standing experience and expertise as a parliamentary decision-maker and community advocate to establish a not-for-profit independent voice for the Mornington Peninsula.

Mr Billson played an integral role in formulating the vision of the Committee to work toward a future for the Mornington Peninsula where learning and livelihood opportunities are within reach for local residents, whilst protecting the things that make our region a great place to live.

Bruce served as the inaugural President and a founding member of the Committee of Management in 2019 and has been a key influence in implementing the Committee’s strategic vision over the first two years.

 Committee President, Shannon Smit, said “Bruce has been a wealth of knowledge, passion and drive for the Committee for Mornington Peninsula.”

“As a former Mornington small business owner, then Federal Member for Dunkley and Minister for Small Business and enduring local resident, Bruce has used his knowledge and passion for our region and small business to advocate for the Mornington Peninsula and its local livelihoods,” Ms Smit said.

In his new role, Mr Billson will advocate for better outcomes for Australian small businesses and family enterprises, including those here on the Mornington Peninsula, which he has fought for over many years.

Following Mr Billson’s departure, the Committee remains committed to its members and its long-term vision for the betterment of the Mornington Peninsula through attracting State and Federal Government funding and support, policy attention and sustainable investment.

The Committee for Mornington Peninsula extends its best wishes to Mr Billson today at the commencement of his five-year term.

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