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Mornington Peninsula businesses beyond frustrated about the Andrews Government not providing a fair playground with COVID-19 restrictions


Today Daniel Andrews announced that despite Geelong having 59 active cases, Colac Otway having 76 active case, and the Mornington Peninsula having just 14 active cases, local Geelong and Colac Otway businesses can continue to trade but not the businesses on the Mornington Peninsula. 

Mr Andrews said it might seem counter-intuitive that “you can go to the pub but you can’t go to your mate’s place”, but transmission was not taking place in cafes and restaurants.

Most transmission was occurring at workplaces, but there were still some “household to household” infections in regional Victoria, he said.

“That makes sense when you think about it. People are not necessarily keeping their distance in their family home,” he said. “It’s a natural thing. You let your guard down.”

Shannon Smit, President of the Committee for Mornington Peninsula (CfMP) said “Our businesses are bewildered and frustrated at the unfairness being applied to the Mornington Peninsula compared to Geelong and Colac Otway. Many of our businesses are up against the wall. If they could open up to local trade only it will be the difference to many about if they survive or not. Our businesses have invested significant time and money into becoming COVID-19 safe and are willing and able to check peoples licences to ensure they are locals.  The CfMP is calling on the Andrews government, and the local elected member of the Andrews Government, Chris Brayne, to take urgent action to have the same conditions applied to Geelong and Colac Otway applied on the Mornington Peninsula. We want the borders controlled as they are being controlled in Geelong and the Colac Otway, to allow our Mornington Peninsula businesses to have local trade” 

The CfMP urge local traders and residents to take to social media using the hash tag #notafairplayground to urge the Andrews Government to apply the rules fairly. 


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