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Premier Jacinta Allan - Opportunity for Renewed Collaboration on Major Advocacy Projects

The Committee for Frankston & Mornington Peninsula offers its congratulations to the new Premier of Victoria, Jacinta Allan.

Ms Allan’s appointment as Premier offers Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula an opportunity to collaborate with the Victorian Government on a long list of major advocacy projects, and we look forward to working with the Premier and her team to help deliver a better future for our region.  

The Committee seeks a renewed focus and consultative approach by the State Government on addressing the major challenges and opportunities within our region, including better connectivity and public transport, more funding for housing on the Peninsula, unlocking port-zoned land to create local jobs, better access to health and education opportunities, investment in roads and infrastructure, and the establishment of the Victorian Renewable Energy Terminal in Hastings.

The Committee will continue to advocate in a bipartisan way.

We look forward to welcoming Opposition Leader John Pesutto in October to Rye for a discussion about the major challenges and opportunities in our region, and to hear from him directly about the Opposition’s plans for the Mornington Peninsula.