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Trade may rise as barriers drop - MP News

First published by MP News on 17 April 2023 here.

NEW opportunities for Mornington Peninsula businesses are predicted to stem from the trade agreement (FTA) between Australia and the United Kingdom.

The UK Consul-General Steph Lysaght visited the peninsula last week to brief businesses about what they could expect when the FTA becomes operative.

The briefing, organised by the Committee for Mornington Peninsula, included benefits that could be expected, including visas, jobs, and the removal of trade barriers.

Also attending during the day were the federal MP for Flinders, Zoe McKenzie, state MPs Paul Mercurio (Hastings) and Sam Groth (Nepean), Cr Antonella Celi and Roger Lancia and Angela Cleland from Mornington Peninsula Regional Tourism.

“The exporting opportunities for peninsula brewers, wineries, and distillers has grown over recent years and is expected to grow further following the implementation of the FTA,” the committee’s CEO Josh Sinclair said.

“There is also an enormous opportunity to work with the Victorian government and help get British workers here to Victoria, and particularly regions suffering from chronic staff shortages.”

Sinclair said the event with Lysaght was “a great opportunity for the committee to showcase our region to the UK”.

“While the UK is half a world away, the trade opportunities for our region are now tangible,” he said.

“The FTA between the UK and Australia will see greater people movement and an ease in conditions placed on visas – meaning more workers to fill our staff shortages in our local restaurants, wineries and hotels.

“Similarly, the export opportunities for our home grown beer, wine and distilled spirits are endless – with essentially tariff-free trade between the two countries opening up new markets to local business here on the peninsula. The demand for Australian wine, beer, spirits, and low alcohol products in the UK is growing, and our region has an enormous opportunity to benefit from that.”

Zoe McKenzie said now was the time for local business to make the most of the agreement, not when it comes into operation.

First published in the Southern Peninsula News – 18 April 2023