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Youth Homelessness - Outreach, support, and advocacy

In February we held our first Members Breakfast of the year, where we heard from Fusion Mornington Peninsula about the critical work they're doing on the frontline in youth homelessness outreach right here in Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula.

Thank you to Gemma and Caitlin for your passionate speeches today. It is hard to imagine our community without Fusion. The work your team does is invaluable and it matters. A lot.

We also heard from Jodie Belyea, Labor Candidate for Dunkley, and Nathan Conroy, Liberal Candidate for Dunkley ahead of the Dunkley by-election which will be held on Saturday, 2nd March. Good luck to both candidates.

Thank you to all of our members for attending in such large numbers to kick things off for us this year, and, thank you to Commonfolk Mornington for hosting us.

For more information on how you can support the work Fusion are doing in our community, click here.

How can you help?

Buy tickets: Fusion Garden Party - Saturday, 16 March

Our local community is now very aware of the prevalence of homelessness within our neighbourhoods.

It is hard not to be confronted with the tragic impacts of unaffordable housing, rising living costs and conflict within the family home. Many of us are asking what can we do?

For over 40 years our local community-owned response – Fusion Mornington Peninsula – has welcomed young people most impacted by the heartbreaking reality of homelessness.

Today this response is carrying the heavy weight of the influx that has come from our local housing crisis. Despite this weight, our community is committed to continuing to create ways where young people and young families faced with the bleakness of homelessness and family violence can find safety, community, and home.

Within the heart of our community lies a need for an authentic togetherness that holds the capacity to chase away the darkness our young ones carry. Let’s invite that heart to lead us all home.

Gemma Bell
Fusion Team Leader

Around 50 CFMP members and supporters, councillors and MP's turned up to hear from Fusion Mornington Peninsula at Commonfolk Mornington, on 1st February 2024.