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Briars Ward
Despi O’Connor


I will be the voice of common sense on the Mornington Peninsula. Being an active community member and long term resident, I am passionate about where I live and the people that I live amongst. I want to nurture and strengthen this community now and long into the future.

A vote for me is a vote for an unaffiliated, unbiased and a common sense approach driven by community voice. As a teacher my job demands I get the best outcomes for all in my care. My 30 years of voluntary community service as an educator, president and committee member, across multiple community groups, has refined this skill set. I have proven myself to be an effective contributor through careful listening and a willingness to find solutions to problems. A genuine care and respect for others underpins my results.I will oversee a balanced approach to sustaining our wonderful environment, with sensible development and opportunities for recreation.

I have always led within our local community through responsible and ethical action. I am exceptional at hearing all sides of the story and negotiating a quality outcome for all. I look to empower and represent our local community within council and be an active part of the leadership that drives sustained improvements in post COVID times.