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Briars Ward
Jill Stanszus


I have lived with my family in Mornington and Mt Martha for 40 years, during which I have been involved in local playgroups, kindergarten, schools, sporting activities and associations, youth groups and a range of volunteer organisations throughout the Briars ward.

I am currently a Primary school teacher and have been a member of school council and kindergarten committees. I care about local organisations and services representing the diverse interests and needs of individuals and families and respect their vital role in connecting our community. 
I would like to be elected as a councillor to give more time to supporting the long-term future of our local community, as it impacts significantly on our day-to-day living. I value the beautiful environment we live in and support the current strategic planning scheme: preventing urban sprawl on the Peninsula, retention of habitat for biodiversity and requiring development to fit local character. I also value sustainable living, respect for our First Nations peoples and am concerned about the issue of affordable housing on the Peninsula.

As a councillor it is essential to consider the views of all in the community, whether individuals, organisations or businesses. I look forward to the challenge of dealing with these possibly differing views, researching with due diligence and applying measured considerations that support the best possible outcome for the sake of our community.

In view of the current situation it will be important to consider a community in recovery and I am willing to listen, learn and apply new skills to aid this happening. I value fairness and balance which are essential to community consultation and decision-making and intend to serve with integrity and as a team player.