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Cerberus Ward
Darren Barnfield


The Mornington Peninsula has always been somewhat of a local secret with so many hidden gems.  Unfortunately, now we can’t keep it secret any longer. At the same time, it must be recognised that Cerberus ward has its own needs and challenges. These challenges need to be carefully managed by our elected officials. There will be progress but the natural beauty of the area must be preserved.
Rightly, residents have reasonable expectations that they will be listened to and provided with outcomes on social concerns and policies that affect the ever growing and developing Cerberus Ward. I believe that mental health issues have become increasingly important in this difficult year and need to be addressed now and for some time into the future. 

Having a wife who is a nurse with a speciality in mental health provides me with guidance and possible strategies in this area. I believe that young people are in particular need of guidance and opportunities. One way to help youth is to provide jobs and direction through small and large projects that deliver a financial impact as well as a social impact. One such project is the submarine that has been languishing in the Westernport Bay since 2002.

The HMAS Otama group has studies, and with 50 thousand potential visitors and a 5-million-dollar injection into the economy, why is this being ignored? I’d like to conduct transparent and meaningful community consultation and discussion, support our emergency services volunteers, improve services for our ageing community, address homelessness, and public transport and transit routes to Mornington and other hubs.

Simply put, given the opportunity to be your elected representative I will listen and advocate for residents in a way that supports your interests and needs.