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Nepean Ward
Hugh Fraser


As the independent councillor representing Nepean Ward since 2012 (re-elected 2016), working hard for the community is more important than ever in this Covid-19 emergency.

I live in Rye and offer continuity, experience and ability on Council to sensitively and effectively deal with the inevitable Covid-19 financial fallout. The Nepean “community coalition” group I chair monthly and meet with residents by appointment each Monday afternoon.

Working hard with the community and council management in all parts of Nepean Ward –

  • $6.5 million has been brought in to rejuvenate Rye,
  • $5m for Sorrento ferry terminal traffic management,
  • $1.8m earmarked for Sorrento car parking,
  • $1.85m George Street tourism facilities, toilets and street mall,
  • $1.5m Dorothy Houghton Walk Eastern Sister,
  • $3m Point Nepean Road Blairgowrie/Rye footpath and St Johns Wood Road intersection,
  • $850,000 Wilkinson and Carmichael Streets drainage and Romney Park Tootgarook rejuvenation and playground,
  • $1m Portsea SLC clubrooms contribution.

Budgeted $5.9m ($25m Shire wide) but unfinished at 30 June Nepean Ward Capital works are unacceptably high.

Into the future, a clear pathway must be found to divert household waste from the methane-emitting Rye landfill to food and garden organics alternatives to waste-to-energy incineration. Climate change mitigation needs practical projects. The number of councillors ought to be cut back from 11 to 9 and have three in each of three wards. This would avoid the dysfunctional annual budget councillor bunfight for capital works money.

Working hard for the community rating reform has introduced contiguous land rate relief, a discounted Conservation Rate, and Trust for Nature Rate. These reforms should also include a new Heritage Rate discounted 65% to the general rate and will complement our new Sorrento heritage and Rye height controls.