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Nepean Ward
Susan Bissinger


I'm a full time Sorrento resident ready to champion local issues in the Nepean Ward (Tootgarook, Rye, Blairgowrie, Sorrento and Portsea). Problem solving is my strength, together we can find practical, workable solutions - if it's important to you, I will follow it up.  Using my 25 years in the Construction Industry, my goal is to improve the look, feel and function of our local communities in a cost effective way, whilst conserving and protecting the natural environment. We need to upgrade and future proof our local areas including footpaths, bike lanes, roads, inclusive beach access, maintaining and improving foreshores and sporting venues. 

It is vital that our small businesses receive immediate assistance to rebuild, initially focusing my energy on getting us out of the Covid Metro zone mess, I would also strongly support all good ideas and action them, including upgrades to shopping areas to encourage visitor spending. If elected, the Nepean Voters Action Group website would be upgraded to include pages for each of the townships in the Nepean Ward, and provide comprehensive updates on all your projects.

A large chunk of the broader Mornington Peninsula Shire Council revenue comes from the Nepean Ward, yet very little funding comes back to us - we need to divert funds back to Nepean Ward and ensure best use of resources for all Council projects. The Council Budget, through its overspends and lack of "belt- tightening" highlights just how out of touch they are with our community. After this election there will be at least 6 new Councillors out of 11, let's use this opportunity to make real changes to the way the Council operates. As a successful Project Manager, I have never failed to deliver, and if elected, I won't let you down.