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Red Hill Ward
David Breadmore


As a long-time resident of Red Hill and throughout my 23 years of service as a CFA volunteer leader (Brigade Officer, Red Hill and Deputy Group Officer, Westernport Group) I believe I have demonstrated my ongoing commitment to our community.

In standing for council, I will be committed to maintaining the unique character and position of the Red Hill ward. I believe that my strong community ties mean I have a deep understanding of what residents expect of the council, including the need to provide adequate and open forums that give a voice to locals and local business and to take action accordingly.
I believe that we need to focus on supporting our local economy, improving the visual amenity of our area and managing our environment, while at the same time ensuring that we maintain a focus of the wellbeing of our seniors and our families, providing opportunities for our youth to develop skills for the future.

I propose to review how our rates are developed, the cost-effective use of rates (such as the Rural Living Rate recently applied to 700 homes) and how community funds may be more appropriately distributed. I will also address the topic of the metropolitan zoning of our area. I believe that we have always done it this way is an inadequate response to valid and mounting resident concerns and believe that we should challenge this thinking.

Those of you who know me, know that I will stand up for our community and will have challenging discussions were needed to support residents and initiatives that the community is championing.

Together we can ensure that the Red Hill Ward is well represented so that we have a voice and that we are heard.