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Red Hill Ward
David Gill


Thank you for considering electing me again as your community representative.

The large, diverse Red Hill ward needs a full-time, local and experienced representative. I have proven to be easy to contact, answered inquiries personally, raised issues for public scrutiny and  given individual attention to what is important to you. I have achieved this without claiming any expenses and with Covid-19 refusing the allowance paid to all other Councillors. I have no vested interests or political affiliations. I do not seek or accept donations.

There is much community pain and anxiety caused by Covid-19. Council should face up to the challenges by acting quickly and decisively to help businesses kick-start our local economic recovery.

I have voted to redirect expenditure to where it is now most needed. We can do this by removing non-core budget items.

Other actions needed to support businesses include rate relief, convincing the State Government to declare  us as regional not metropolitan and relaxing Farmgate rules for genuine Farmgate businesses. I strongly advocate for the protection of our Green Wedge and coastal village character and fought for increased road safety.

Red Hill Ward is receiving better recognition for community needs with many long neglected projects now commenced or completed.

Achievements include improvements to dangerous rural roads, funding for koala bio-link corridors, Council funded defibrillators available 24/7, Climate Change actions adopted, Arts and Culture plan, including for  live music, adopted, Heritage study for Red Hill Ward underway, as Mayor signed the anti-red tape small business charter, party house amenity local law in place, protection of remnant indigenous vegetation and rate relief for farmers.

The Mornington Peninsula Ratepayers and Residents Association supports my candidacy. For more information about my plan for Covid-19 recovery and a vision for the future of Red Hill ward please get in touch:
Phone: 0435 260 384