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Seawinds Ward
Debra Mar


As a local media reporter involved in several diverse community groups, I am at the forefront of issues that concern local communities.

Life on the Peninsula will be difficult for many post COVID-19. There are many challenges ahead so I want to re-engage with communities, support small business and reach out to those who need jobs.

I am officially endorsed by Ratepayers Victoria and supported by Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association, McCrae because my values align with their core values - low rates, ratepayers money is spent appropriately and more accountability.

As your Councillor I will advocate to support disengaged youth and elderly communities; speak up to inappropriate big business interests, proper land re-zoning and planning in line with character of townships; preserve green wedge, green fields, native bushland and wildlife; place initiatives for small businesses and tourism; improve roads and safety, traffic management and footpaths; engage with young teens to encourage open dialogue; build safe BMX tracks; ensure local school recreational needs are met and promote non-partisan discussions and decisions. 

I am standing as an independent. I am a member of BERG and MP Koala Conservation group. I support Save Westernport, Save Arthurs Seat and Beach Patrol Safety Beach/Dromana.

Our Peninsula needs protecting. I want to preserve our way of life. I believe the way forward is to ensure your Council provides adequate support for you and your family’s wellbeing.

I will be your ‘Eye on the Peninsula’ for the best interest of our communities.