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Seawinds Ward
Simon Brooks


As an experienced Councillor representing my community I will continue to advocate for innovation, collaboration and a sustainable future.  It is vital for the new Council to encourage the organisation to become a true partner with its community.  It is only by doing this in a meaningful way that challenges will be met and opportunities realised.

Building relationships locally must be complemented by strong relationships with our state and federal governments.  The most successful economies do this well; local government is empowered and there's a real need to do this better here.  The Mornington Peninsula Shire is unique with its coastal and rural character but it is under pressure.  

Crucially, we must continue to bolster our planning scheme to allow sustainable development but protect the unique character, our rural green wedge, bushland and coastal ecosystems; crucial areas that make this such an amazing place to live and visit.  We need to continue to push for innovative approaches to underpin our vital agricultural sector and actively advocate for broadening our economic base, such as in advanced manufacturing and value-added food production.

Opportunities to innovate in the waste cycle and rethink energy use and generation at a local level must be supported. Building resilience into our infrastructure through clever investment to meet the challenges of the future is essential, particularly as we adjust to climate change and an uncertain future. Covid has shone a light on our vulnerabilities as a community, exposing disadvantage and affecting our businesses.

The Shire can enable affordable and innovative housing and help rebuild our tourism and hospitality businesses, and our jobs. An effective council is proactive, works with rather than above its community and helps the community thrive in a sustainable and inclusive way. This is what I will deliver.