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Seawinds Ward
Simon Galli


I have resided on the Mornington Peninsula for the past 25 years. Absolutely grown to love this part of the world. My platform consists of helping the most vulnerable in our society. However, with the closures of business, restrictive measures and lockdown; we are virtually all vulnerable. In order to achieve a sense of normality, we need to open  businesses, hopefully in time for the summer tourist rush. I believe it would benefit locals, tourists and the Mornington Peninsula economy if we labelled our products and produce.

If we labelled  these items and suggested consumers to try and buy them, the local industries and businesses would need to supply greater quantities of  their products and produce. In order to maintain supply, more people would be employed. The labels would state; Product Of Mornington Peninsula and Made On The Mornington Peninsula. Also, I believe The Saving Of Arthurs Seat is crucial on all levels.
If 21 MCG size fields of trees and vegetation were to be removed, it would cause a negative contribution to climate change. Also, I believe we need to take environmental measures now to preserve this magnificent peninsula for future generations. The need to connect the elderly to their family and friends, and provide subsidised old school entertainment for them is another platform.

When this is achieved it will provide our elderly residents with new found confidence and self esteem; improving their health and zest for life.