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Watson Ward
Louise Page


A thriving community needs forward thinking, energetic and innovative councillors. I am a community leader, an achiever who is motivated and dedicated. I believe our youth need to be active with options for education and training.
The challenge we face is to manage growth and attract sustainable business and investment for employment while retaining the character and rural aspects we love.
For a decade I worked in the food, wine, accommodation and tourism sector on the Peninsula, so I know the complexities and difficulties facing businesses and residents. I understand what it takes for a region to reach its potential and the delicate balance between growth and preservation.
Currently, I am the co-owner of a niche risk management business and our clients are primarily municipalities. This knowledge gives me a comprehensive understanding of the risks faced here and at a global level. I am an active member of several community organisations. This year I received a Mayoral Commendation for my work as past president of Save Westernport and for my genuine care for the marine wildlife and coastal areas.
My business and community background combined with a passion for the environment and wildlife provides a solid foundation for sound decisions. If elected, I will be tireless and accessible and will fight to ensure that this area and Westernport in general becomes a priority.

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