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Watson Ward
Paul Mercurio


I want a council that supports our community not one that polices and suppresses opportunity. I wish to see a council that celebrates our community.
This can be achieved in a myriad of ways, from the smallest gesture to the grandest. For instance, the apple on a stick in Somerville by the central roundabout is a rather sad and unloved symbol.
Let’s fix that to something more emboldened, something that says we are proud of our history and who we are today! Somerville train station and the area around it is very tired and unkempt.
Let’s make that area attractive and useable so locals can use and enjoy the space. I want to be part of a council that wants to make things happen - such as Somerville Family Fun Day or Tyabb Airshow - rather than being a council that creates obstacles.
Let’s celebrate and bring our townships together by building the bike path between our towns and parks.
Let’s celebrate our wildlife and fauna by building and maintaining better walking tracks around the Western Port Coastal Reserve.
Let’s celebrate, support and work with the many small businesses that make the Peninsula unique – Farm Gates, wineries, boutiques, our café culture, coffee carts, Food Tourism, Performing arts, craft markets and our antique shops. 
Let’s create a sustainable environment for jobs for our children and ourselves. Let’s cut red tape, cut enforcement, cut planning times, cut unnecessary VCAT hearings, cut costs and cut rates.
Let’s get back to basics and fix our roads, build public transport, build educational and training opportunities. I want a council that genuinely wants to help understand and meet community needs.

Lastly, I have a vision to create a performing arts centre to nurture and celebrate talent with a local professional theatre for everyone to enjoy.