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Small Business Friendly Council

The Committee for Mornington Peninsula (C4MP) is urging the local Shire to follow the lead of other Victorian local governments and commit to becoming a ‘Small Business Friendly Council’.

C4MP is hosting a luncheon on October 28 at the Mornington Racing Club, where the Victorian Small Business Commissioner (VSBC), Judy O'Connell, will outline the assistance her Office can provide local businesses, the advantages a ‘Small Business Friendly Council’ can bring and example of innovative approaches local government’s are deploying to support their business community.

The ‘Small Business Friendly Council’ initiative sees the Office of the Small Business Commissioner partner with local councils, to provide small business with the support they need to run their businesses.

"Small businesses are the heart-beat of the Peninsula economy and deserve the support of the local council in their work providing jobs, services and a crucial economic contribution to out community", C4MP President Bruce Billson said.

"We urge the Mornington Peninsula Shire to sign on as a ‘Small Business Friendly Council’ and to commit and follow through on the Charter to create a more positive and encouraging enterprise environment for local businesses.

"Committing to becoming a ‘Small Business Friendly Council’ and carrying through on the expectations this creates will be an important statement that the Mornington Peninsula Shire understands, values and respects the positive and vital contribution of the business community to the well-being of the region and local residents", Mr Billson added.

Nineteen (19) Victorian local governments (including Casey, Frankston and Kingston in the south-east) have made this commitment and are actively working to implement the Small Business Friendly Charter agreed between the participating council and VSBC.

The Small Business Friendly Charter  outlines shared goals for both the VSBC and participating local councils in working to create a fair and competitive trading environment for small businesses. When signing the Charter local councils are pledging to:

• pay small businesses within 30 days

• support local businesses in managing the impacts of infrastructure projects

• streamline the approval process when starting a business

• help set up and support local business networks.

People interested in attending the lunch with Commissioner O'Connell on October 28 or in learning more about/joining the Committee for Mornington Peninsula should contact C4MP via email or visit